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SyncroSim 2.0.44

SyncroSim 2.0.44 is the latest and most stable official release of SyncroSim.  It also includes the latest and most stable releases of popular Packages such as “ST-Sim” and “DG-Sim”.  This is the release you should use for production work at this time.

Upcoming 2.1.0 Beta

There is a new version of SyncroSim in the works – v2.1.0.  This version has significant improvements over the 2.0.44 release including:

  • Automatic Package installation from an online repository
  • Numerous performance improvements, especially for GeoTIFF rasters
  • Thorough documentation of all SyncroSim features
  • A new Template feature for all Packages
  • A more consistent user interface overall

This Beta will be available soon, so stay tuned!