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SyncroSim 2.3.7 Released

There is a new version of SyncroSim – v2.3.7. This new version includes a few bug fixes and significant enhancements, including:

  1. Added Conda support for deploying SyncroSim Packages developed in R along with their required R environment.
  2. Improved multi-processing performance for faster runtimes including a reduction in the number of files that must be copied for each multi-processing job.
  3. Changed default folder locations from “[Drive:]/Users/[Username]/Documents/SyncroSim/” to “[Drive:]/Users/[Username]/SyncroSim/”. This prevents SyncroSim Packages from being stored on OneDrive, as there are unintended consequences of saving Packages to the cloud.
  4. Fixed map caching bug in which maps were not displaying properly for scenarios run multiple times.