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SyncroSim 2.3.12 Beta Released

There is a new version of SyncroSim – v2.3.12. This new version includes a few bug fixes and significant enhancements, including:

  1. Added the ability to create templates for add-on packages, such as stsimsf.
  2. Enabled data only templates.
  3. Templates can now contain output folders, such that a user does not need to run a Scenario to generate outputs when creating a new Library from the template.
  4. Added a new console argument, --filtercol , for exporting Datasheets, allowing the user to export data filtered by a specified column value.
  5. Created the ability to turn on/off copying of external files during multiprocessing in the Library settings in the SyncroSim User Interface. The console now points to these settings as the default when running a Library that uses multiprocessing. However, the Library settings can be overridden using the --copyextfiles=yes/no console argument.
  6. Fixed minor bugs with the Scenario Run Scheduler.