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SyncroSim v2.4.22 Released

The syncrosim Logo: a large S coloured in deep red with arrows on the ends of the S lettering implying a cycle or cyclical loop

A new beta release of SyncroSim (v2.4.22) is now available and contains the following major changes:

  1. Fixes a bug introduced by the new release of Miniconda. Due to recent changes in the Miniconda installer provided by conda, previous versions of SyncroSim will fail to install Miniconda in the correct directory. If you have not previously installed Miniconda and would like to use SyncroSim packages that take advantage of conda environments, please upgrade SyncroSim to this latest stable release.
  2. Allows users to install packages from folders, rather than just from .ssimpkg files or the online package repository. This update will simplify package development and testing, as the need for bundling a package to deploy in SyncroSim is no longer necessary.