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Reply To: Python Libraries?


Hi Taylor – good question about working with Python. We have in fact begun developing a pair of packages for interacting with ST-Sim – our plan is to develop a package for each of Python and R. Our initial focus will be on post-processing output, but we will eventually be adding a full suite of functionality for setting up and running models also. We are hoping to have a first version of at least one of these packages by the end of the calendar year – which language will come first is still a matter of debate!

For now my suggestion would be for you to wrap your command-line calls in whatever language you prefer – Python or R would be my suggestion, as then you might be able to take advantage of the packages once they come online. The more people we have working in these 2 languages, the better! We have others doing the same – both in Python and R – and it is these initial scripts that are forming the basis for our packages. If you are interested in sharing your scripts at some point – or even what functionality you are interested in – then it could possibly help us shape the direction and scope of the initial package – we are always interested in learning what features and functionality are important to others.

Regards, Colin.