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Reply To: Export Figures


Hi Andia – there are a number of options for generating figures from ST-Sim:
1. When you have a chart displayed you can right click and select “Copy to Clipboard”, and then paste the chart image into whatever software you like (e.g. Powerpoint, Paint, Illustrator, etc.). You can also customize the display of the chart a bit by right-clicking and selecting “Options” before doing the copy/paste.
2. You can right click on the chart and select “Export” or “Export All” to export the chart data to Excel or CSV; you can then import the data into whatever software you like to create custom plots
3. Similar to #2, you can export detailed output using the “Export” tab (beside “Charts” and “Maps” when viewing output)
4. Finally what we often do on larger projects is to write a script in R (or Python) that imports the run results from the ST-Sim library directly into a dataframe, and then replots the data using R plotting functions (such as ggplot2). The advantage here is that you can fully automate the plotting process so that it can be re-run repeatedly as you generate new output. This is the most customizable option, but requires a fair investment in time in order to setup the R script to do the plotting. We are currently working on an R package that will make this option much simpler, however the package is still in development at the moment. You can, of course, combine this with option 2 in order to simplify the setup process in R.

Hope this helps! Colin.