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Reply To: Adding an outbreak


Hi Josh,

If your outbreaks are correlated between strata, I think the best you could do is create an external variable for outbreak years (0/1) and define a value for this for every iteration/timestep. This would reduce the number of records you have to define somewhat but not entirely. To do it, here are the steps I would follow:
1. Create an external variable under Project Properties: “Outbreak Year”
2. Create a Distribution Type under Project Properties: “Outbreak Multiplier”
3. Under Scenario Properties | External Variables:Define a value for each timestep and iteration that includes the 0 values for non outbreak years and the 1 values for outbreak years.
4. Under Scenario Properties | Distributions you would then define two Distribution records for each stratum that specify the “Outbreak Multiplier” when your “Outbreak Year” value is 0 and the other when it is 1. Set the Sampling frequency to “every timestep”.
5. Under Scenario Properties | Transitions – Multipliers set your multipliers to come from the “Outbreak Multiplier” Multiplier Distribution. Set the Sampling frequency to “every timestep”.

Hope that helps!