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Syncrosim Forums SyncroSim – General Questions and Answers Has the Python package been released? Reply To: Has the Python package been released?


The Python package has not yet been released – I’m afraid it is still a work in progress. We hope to release a beta version of it by summer 2019. The sample python package that you refer to here is not quite ready for prime-time I’m afraid (and so is not yet released as a registered package on

In the meantime it is possible to call SyncroSim from Python using the Console (i.e. command-line) version of SyncroSim. I imagine this is the approach you are already using? The console version of SyncroSim (available for both Windows and Linux) can be invoked with the command SyncroSim.Console.exe. For Windows this can be found in the C:\Program Files\SyncroSim folder by default. The –help argument will always list for you all the possible options. For example the command SyncroSim.Console.exe –help will get you started, while the command SyncroSim.Console.exe –list –help will provide you with help specific to the –list argument.