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Reply To: St-Sim templates export w/o required fields

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Colin DanielColin Daniel

Good question – it’s not recommended to add fields to the Excel export files before re-importing, as most fields have built-in validation. Instead there are two solutions to working with any fields that are hidden in ST-Sim:

1. As you noted you can unhide the fields in ST-Sim before exporting by right-clicking on the table of values for the property and selecting the hidden field name. Note that any fields for which there are no data are automatically hidden in ST-Sim.

2. The hidden ST-Sim fields are actually exported to excel. You can see this by looking at the Excel column title letters (ie columns A, B, C, etc.).. If there are hidden columns then Excel will skip letters for the column names. To unhide a column in Excel, select one or more entire columns on either side of the hidden column(s), right-click and select “Unhide”. You can unhide all the hidden columns at once by selecting all columns in the Excel worksheet before selecting “Unhide”.

Hope this helps!