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Reply To: Fire data and transitions


Hi Brent,


Here are some answers to your questions:


1.  How do you enter fire history information under the Advanced Tab?


a.  In the "Scenario Exporer" navigate to the Advanced Tab and the "Transition Multiplier Values" property.


b. Right click on the grid and select "Export All".  Save the file to a desired location.  and click ok.  Excel will open with a blank template for you to enter your transition multiplier data into.


c.  For each timestep over the simulation period you want to run and for each wildfire transition type enter the (amount of area burned)/(the average amount of area burned per year across all years).  Set the transition multiplier type to "temporal".


d. You may need to calibrate wildfire probabilities up and down using a static transition multiplier as well.  Do this by creating a transition multiplier value record for each wild fire type and leaving the timestep and transition multuplier type blank.


e. Import the transition multiplier values by returning to Path and the scenario editor and right clicking on the grid to import the edited excel file.



2.  Fire transition groups are no longer used in Version 4 of Path.  My recomendation would be to upgrade the version.  Otherwise, fire transition groups (abandoned in version 3) are to define which transition groups the legacy fire history property would apply to.



3.  Yes you can also add transion multipliers for drought to force higher drought probabilities for specific timesteps.



If you have any questions about this let me know and we can have a closer look at your data.