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Reply To: Importing Transitions


The Location column records the grid location of each box when displaying the S&T model diagram in Path. The format is similar to that used by Excel – so A1 represents the upperleft grid position of a diagram. Note that you can view the grid used by Path for displaying boxes on the screen by right-clicking on a diagram and selecting "Show Grid".


To ensure your location values are correct before you import from Excel:

  1. All locations should use valid Excel-like notation for referring to grid cells (e.g. A1, A2, B1, etc..)
  2. The maximum number of columns for a diagram is currently 26 – so you can’t have a location with a column reference greater than Z
  3. You cannot have duplicate location values in your spreadsheet for a given stratum – in other words, only one state class can occupy each possible grid cell location for each stratum in your model.


From the error message it sounds like a problem with either 1 or 2 above. If it is #2 then we could look into expanding the number of columns in future releases of Path… however we didn’t ever anticipate anyone would use more than 26! Colin.