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Reply To: Maps in Spatial Tools


Hi Alison,

This error happens because when opening the spatial tools you need to point to the results database. In your case this is:
C:\Documents and Settings\areger\My Documents\My Path Files\Scenario-10\Scenario-10.mdb

At this stage the documentation for the Spatial Tools is quite thin because we have had very little funding to date for the development of the spatial tools functionality.

To view map results you should select the Map Display button on the TELSA Toolbar in ArcGIS. You will then be prompted to select a results database if you have not already done so. Once you select the database that holds your TELSA run results you will be prompted to select a run, monte carlo, and the type of map you would like to display. There are currently 3 options: Disturbances (transitions), State Classes, and Ages. Depending on the option you choose you will be prompted for more information (which state classes or transitions you would like to display). Note that this tool is not always stable. If you are having problems, try closing ArcGIS and starting over.