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Additinoal Path Functionality

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    In VDDT you can import single or multiple models into a blank VDDT database. When I start a new Path project, I do not see an option to import specific models from an existing Path project. Is this something that can be done in Path now or in the future?


    Good question – this is functionality that is currently missing from Path but which we should hopefully be able to include in a future release.


    In the meantime there is a round-about way to do this in Path right now:

    1. In Path use File|New From VDDT to create a new Path project (i.e. database) from an existing VDDT database. This will import all of the models from a single VDDT database into a new Path database. It will also import all of the definitions from the existing VDDT database. If you only want to import a subset of the models in your VDDT database, then first use the the File | Export | Project command in VDDT to create a new VDDT database that contains the subset of models you wish to bring over to Path.
    2. Now let’s suppose a little later you would like to import some additional VDDT models into this existing Path project. The trick is to create a second, new Path project (ie. database) by repeating step #1 above for the new set of VDDT models. With 2 separate Path projects created, you can now copy models from one Path project to the other. To do this open both databases together in the Path Project Explorer, then copy and paste models from one Path project to the other.


    The one limitation here is that all of the VDDT models that you bring into a single Path project must all have identical definitions. In fact Path will currently only allow you to open two Path projects simultaneously if they both have identical definitions. As you may be aware, VDDT allows you to have different definitions for each model in a single database. This provides the flexilibility to have many different models within a single database. In Path we changed things so that all of the models in one "project" (i.e. database) must use a single set of definitions. This constraint was imposed to ensure that multiple models could be run together to represent a single landscape. We hope to be able to relax this constraint somewhat in future versions of Path.


    Thanks for the feedback – let me know if you have any further questions/comments. Colin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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