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    Louis ProvencherLouis Provencher

    I have used the Reference Condition in every project I worked on, but I can’t get any data when I export the Ecological Departure file in Output. I am using St-Sim v 2.3.13. The Add-on package is checked, I request results to be printed every 5 years. The Transition Attribute button is not checked because I do not need it. My attributes are completely specified. Has something changed to get output? Did I forget something species? Thanks for your time.

    Cheers, Louis

    Sarah ChisholmSarah Chisholm

    Hi Louis,

    Thanks for reporting this issue. We have identified a bug that has recently been introduced to this feature and we are currently working to resolve it. A new fixed version of the package will be released and we will let folks know when it is ready.

    Thanks for your patience,

    Leonardo FridLeonardo Frid

    There is a new release of the stsimecodep package (version 3.3.1) that fixes this problem. This was an incompatibility with the most recent version of SyncroSim. You can install this version of the package from the Windows interface by going to “File | Packages | Install” or update from an older version using “File | Packages | Update”.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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