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ages and TSDs for state classes

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    In the state class properties for a given VDDT box, does checking or unchecking the boxes to display ages and TSDs change the actual model or just the display? So, if I have a min or max age entered for a transition but uncheck the ages box, will it run the model without the min or max age, or will it run the model with the min and max age but just not display the ages when you click on the properties?



    Hi Megan,
    Those boxes just change the display so you are safe to check or un-check at will.



    Just thought I would clarify a bit further. There are always ages and time-since-transitions present for all probabilistic transitions in both Path and VDDT. As Randy points out, the toggle on the Probabilistic Transition screen simply shows/hides these columns in the display – the underlying values for these columns are still present and used by the model even when not displayed. Note, however, that when a new transition is created, the default values for ages and time-since-transitions are set in such a way that they have no effect on the model predictions – for example the minimum time-since-transition value is always set to 0 by default. The result of this is that if you don’t ever use (or display) the age and time-since-transition columns, the model will still run as though these features were not turned on.


    Hope this helps – Colin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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