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Creating Maps Manually from Spatial Path Runs

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    Questions from a Path user:

    Now I’m in the process of merging my Path output to my shapefiles (as you may recall, since I couldn’t set up the spatial module of TELSA in ArcGIS, I have to do this “by hand” by joining attribute tables, etc.). In the process, I came across two challenges.
    First, I noticed that, although my spatial data set contains 86,551 polygons, my output includes only 86,550 records. Do you have any idea why that would be the case?

    Given that it’s only one polygon (and from the few attempts I’ve taken to identify the “missing” polygon — which appears not to be consistent between simulation runs — it is usually only a small one), I’m not TOO concerned about that, except that in preparing to join the attribute tables, I noticed that the ScenarioPolygonID’s in the StateOutput table does NOT match the LUPolygonID’s in the LUPolygon table (and map). Is there some way I can determine which ID’s in one table correspond to the ID’s in another?


    It looks like you are trying to join records from DisturbedPolygonOutput and StateOutput tables in the TELSA database to LUPolygonID in your LUMap. This is not the correct join for output. To view output you need to join from the ScenarioPolygonID field in the output table to the ScenarioPolygon.ScenarioPolygonID field and from there find the corresponding ScenarioPolygon.PolygonID. This is the value that you will need to join to the PolygonID field in your tessellated Study Area Map. The number of records in StateOutput should match the number of records in your tessellated map. You can find the shp file for your tessellated Study Area map by looking in StudyArea.SpatialFile in the database.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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