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"expecting SsimObject" error in rsyncrosim

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    Occasionally I will hear from a user that gets the following error with the datasheet() function in rsyncrosim:
    Error in .datasheets(x) : expecting SsimObject.

    The user is confused as they are providing a valid SssimObject (i.e., a scenario, project or ssimLibrary) as an argument.

    This is a bug that will be fixed in an upcoming release of rsyncrosim 1.1.4. In the meantime the following is a possible workaround that works for the use cases where I have experienced this:

    This error is most likely related to a *.RData file (i.e., a snapshot of your “workspace”) that is “stale” or corrupt. The best way to resolve this issue is to close R, delete the *.RData file and rerun your script. If you are in RStudio you could also “Remove All Objects” from the global environment (using the broom icon) and again rerun your script.

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