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Increasing number of digits displayed in transition screen

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    I’ve noticed that Syncrosim only displays 4 digits in the transition probabilities. Though it does stores transition probabilities with greater than 4 digits for example 0.000001 is stored in the table but displayed as 0.0000.
    Is there a way to increase the number of digits displayed in the transition data entry screen so that the probabilities for rare events will show up as something other than 0?


    Hi David,
    There is a way to manually configure this using the module.config xml file for ST-Sim.

    For version 2.0.44 the latest full release, this file is found in \Users\[user name]\Documents\SyncroSim\Modules\stsim\module.config

    navigate to the line that looks like this (line 364 in version 3.1.44 of stsim):

    column name=”Probability” dataType=”Double” validationType=”Decimal” allowDbNull=”False”/

    and add the following column attribute: format=”N8″ so that the line now looks like this:

    column name=”Probability” dataType=”Double” validationType=”Decimal” allowDbNull=”False” format=”N8″/

    This will make the field show 8 decimal places. If you want more decimal places simply replace the 8 with the value that you want.

    Note that in future the directory for these config files will be:
    \Users\[user name]\Documents\SyncroSim\Packages\stsim\package.config

    We will consider in future making the number of decimal places visible configurable via the UI.


    • This reply was modified 4 years, 11 months ago by leonardo-fridleonardo-frid.

    Thanks Leonardo. The change worked just like advertised.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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