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Multiple transition pathway dependencies

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    Is is possible to have multiple transition pathways as dependencies that will be merged together in the final run. For example, could there be a dependent scenario with transition pathways for natural growth between states and another scenario with transitions for treatments that are combined at run time into one set of transitions?


    Hi David,

    Your question is timely. The ability to merge dependencies as you suggest in not available in the most recent version of SyncroSim (2.0.44). However, we are currently working on this feature and it should be available in an upcoming version of SyncroSim 2.1.X a couple of releases from now. In the meantime, when a scenario property is defined in multiple dependency scenarios, the scenario that is higher up in the dependency tree is the only one that will be used at runtime. The “Data Sources” tab is always a quick way to find the source scenario for each scenario property.



    Thanks for the information Leonardo and the prompt response. Glad to see that the idea is on the development plan. While I’d like to use the multiple dependency option as it would make the organization of where the various transition came from a bit cleaner I don’t want to wait for the new version.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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