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number of transition types in transition group in PATH software

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    I am working on migrating some VDDT models to STSim, going by way of Path. When I try the Path command to migrate from VDDT I get the a number of messages that look like this:

    The Probabilistic Transition Type 'Fire Use-Stand Replacement' belongs to more than three Probabilistic Transition Groups.  Please correct this problem and re-run the import.
    'Fire Use-Stand Replacement' belongs to the following groups:
    All Fuels
    All Prescribed Burning
    All Wildfire
    Stand Replacing Fire

    Is Path more limiting than VDDT was on the number of transition groups that a transition type could belong to? I tried to find the manual but the online help site has morphed into something else.

    Any ideas on how to work around/through this import error?


    Hi David,

    Path is no longer supported. However, my understanding is that you are trying to bring models into Path as part of a process to eventually import the models to ST-Sim. In ST-Sim there are no such limits.
    In VDDT and Path there was a limit on 3 transition groups per project, however the import process you are going through in Path merges all of the projects in a VDDT library into a single project in Path hence you are running into this violation. There is no simple solution to the problem although there are definitely workarounds that you could do to get your VDDT models into ST-Sim by working directly with the databases. If you are interested in help with this please check out our support page:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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