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Path DB size

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    I have a colleague who is wondering about the following:

    “I…set up the db to compact on close before I started running Path. I have been deleting results from Path scenarios when in Path, then saving and closing the db but it still does not seem to have any effect on db size. Have been gaming…scenarios…and my db’s are now at the 2gb max but still run.”

    Do you know why his Path db keeps getting bigger even though he deletes results while in Path? What else increases the size of the Path db while running scenarios?


    What I think you are referring to is the option in Access 2007 called "Compact on Close" which will automatically compact your database whenever you close it – however you must open then close the mdb using Access itself; the option does not apply when other applications (such as Path) open and close your database.


    Unfortunately whenever you manipulate an Access database it seems to grow exponentially in size – the same is true when Path reads and writes to the database. At present the only solution is to periodically open your Path mdb file in Access, select Manage from the Office button, then select Compact and Repair. This will typically reduce the size of the mdb considerably.


    If your mdb file is still large you can consider deleting some of the run results. It is also easy to copy scenarios from one database to another, and to have multiple databases open at once, so another option is to move some scenarios to a second copy of the mdb.


    Hope this helps, Colin.


    Thanks Colin. We had already done the “Compact on Close” as well as “Compact and Repair” options, as well as deleting results, but he said that he was still seeing a substantial increase in DB size after every run. I wanted to check with you to make sure there wasn’t anything else going on before we went to plan B (copying results to a new DB)… I’ll pass along your comments so he can double check if in fact he was seeing an increase in DB size even given your suggestions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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