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SyncroSim vs. ST-Sim and versioning

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    I recently had a question from a user who was confused about our versioning of SyncroSim vs. ST-Sim. Hopefully the following information will help clarify this question for others who may be wondering the same thing.

    1. SyncroSim is a generalized application developed by ApexRMS for developing, managing and running simulation models. It has a plugin architecture which allows multiple packages to be added and thus extend the functionality of SyncroSim for specific applications. Some of the packages are known as models that allow users to develop specific types of models (i.e., STSMs, demographic population models, etc…) whereas others are addons which simply extend the capabilities of a specific model (i.e., adding stocks and flows to STSMs). As of the time of this post, SyncroSim is currently at version 2.0.42 (full release). To run any model or addon, users must first install SyncroSim.

    2. ST-Sim is the first and most popular model developed against SyncroSim. As of the time of this post, ST-Sim is automatically installed with the default installation of SyncroSim. ST-Sim is currently at version 3.1.42 (full release). To find out what version of ST- Sim is currently installed you can open SyncroSim and select File | Packages which will list all available modules and their versions. Note that there are a couple of addons to ST-Sim that are also installed with the current SyncroSim default installation.

    3. We now have an online repository where users can download other packages. Users can also be able to develop their own packages and we are currently working on some documentation and tools for doing that.

    4. All of the source code for SyncroSim packages developed by ApexRMS is posted on github at

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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