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Transition Events Not Spreading in TELSA

Syncrosim Forums ST-Sim & State-and-Transition Simulation Models Transition Events Not Spreading in TELSA

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    A user has reported a case where fires were not spreading in their model. The most common cause for this is when polygon adjacencies are not imported into the database so Polygons can’t find their neighbors. This can happen when the user selects to write the polygon adjacency output to file as part of the the tessellation. If this is the case the AdjPolygon table will be empty in the TELSA database. To resolve this issue you need to find the adjacency file and import it into the AdjPolygon table. By default the file will have the same name as your tessellated map followed by “_adj.csv” and will be located in the same directory as your tessellated map. So for example if your tessellated map is in:

    D:\My Documents\My_Tesselated_Map.shp

    The adjacency file will be in:
    D:\My Documents\My_Tesselated_Map_adj.csv.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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