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Reply To: Spatial time series for state and transition models

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Hi Luke,

Yes. You can be prescriptive about which cell receives a transition at which timestep. Here are the steps I would follow.

  1. Identify which transitions are going to be specified using prescriptive instructions for each cell with a spatial time series.
  2. For the prescriptive transitions identified in #1, set the base probability in the Transition Pathways to a value of 1.0
  3. Under the scenario property Advanced | Transitions – Spatial | Transition Spatial Multipliers enter rows for the Transition Types/Groups that you would like to specify a spatial raster that identifies for which cells the transitions occur. Note that you can right click on the table to expose the Timestep field and make the raster time varying. Cells with a value of 1.0 will have the transition applied to them in that timestep. Cells with a value of 0.0 will not have the transition occur. A value between 0.0 and 1.0 can be used to set a probability for a specific cell and timestep.
  4. Each raster will be applied starting in the timestep that it is specified until the next timestep that another raster is specified so you must remember that if you turn a cell on in one timestep, you must turn off the cell in subsequent timesteps when you no longer want a transition to occur.
  5. Transition Spatial Multiplier rasters must have the same number of rows and columns as your Spatial Initial Conditions rasters.