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Get expert personalized support any time.

General questions regarding our SyncroSim software products can be posted on our support forum.

For additional support with SyncroSim, including support for specific SyncroSim Packages, we ask that you please first purchase support time here:

    • Credit for support time can be purchased in an amount of your choice
    • Once support time has been purchased, you can then use this support credit to request support from us on an as-needed basis
    • Hourly rates for our support staff range from USD $100-$170, depending on the personnel required to provide your support
    • Whenever you make a support request, your remaining credit is adjusted to reflect the time required by our staff to respond to your request
    • Support credits remain on account for up to 2 years from the time of purchase

Note that no payment is required at this time. Once you submit a request below you will receive an electronic invoice by email, which you can then pay using credit card, Paypal or Purchase Order.