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SyncroSim 2.2.20 and ST-Sim 3.2.22 Released

There is a new version of SyncroSim – v2.2.20. This version of SyncroSim includes significant improvements and new features:

  1. Built-in support for sensitivity analyses including the automation of factorial simulation experiments
  2. The ability to generate average output rasters associated with packages that make use of raster data
  3. Charting enhancements including the ability to plot output variables against each other and against input variables

There have also been significant improvements to the ST-Sim package (v3.2.22) for SyncroSim including:

  1. The ability to define state and transition attributes according to time-since-transition
  2. The ability to configure initial time-since-transition, either non spatially or spatially (using rasters)
  3. The ability to configure and view both spatial and non-spatial time- since-transition output