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Syncrosim Forums SyncroSim – General Questions and Answers Has the Python package been released? Reply To: Has the Python package been released?


I am finally getting back around to doing some automated model runs. I had been doing RSyncrosim through Python prior to this but I thought I would try the console method as suggested above. I have run into a problem though in that I can’t figure out how to access the datasheets to dynamically update the values. I have looked over the documentation trying to find the console equivalent of saveDatasheet. It has eluded me. I do recall that the Python package originally mentioned was really a bunch of wrappers around console code. I tried to access the package to see some examples but it seems to have been deleted.
The commands setprop or update appear to be logical choices. The examples shown however don’t do anything like updating any of the datasheets.
Any help or examples on how to use the console mode in a method similar to RSyncrosim would be appreciated. Thanks.