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required fields for attributing probabilistic transitions

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    Is there any need to populate the fields to the right of the proportion field on the probabilistic transitions tab (age shift, age reset, TST min, TST max and TST shift) if their functionality is not being used? I’m wondering because I think VDDT auto-populated these fields. The models I have imported from VDDT to ST-Sim have values in these fields, but when I add new probabilistic transitions, I have to populate the fields by hand. I’d like to save time by leaving them blank when I’m not using the functionality, but only if the software makes the same assumptions as VDDT did which I believe were: proportion = 1, age shift = 0, age reset = no, TST = 0, TST Max/Shift = –9,999.

    Colin DanielColin Daniel

    Short answer is no… you can leave all those fields blank. I suggest you strip them out of your ST-Sim models (in Excel) if they came across from VDDT, as they will only get in the way if you are not using them. To do this simply display all of your Probabilistic Transitions together under the “Probabilistic Transitions” tab (under Pathways property), right click and select “Export All” from the context menu. Remove the unwanted values in your Excel file and then reimport the edits using the “Import” option from the same context menu.

    Unlike VDDT any fields in ST-Sim that are optional do not need to be specified. All of the fields to the right of Prob are in fact optional. Their default values are those that you would expect in order to make them have no effect – you have identified all of the default values correctly in your post except for Age Reset, which is set to Yes by default (as this is the most common behaviour for most transitions).

    Colin DanielColin Daniel

    Sorry – small correction to previous post. The default value for TST Max is +9999

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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