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Running a single model in PATH

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    I imported 72 models from a single VDDT database into PATH. In PATH, I see one scenario file containing the 72 models under the ‘Transitions’ tab rather than 72 scenario files. How would I make a PATH run specifying only 1 of those 72 models?


    That’s a good question. Right now Path assumes each VDDT “model” is a stratum in Path, which is the way most folks have structured their VDDT databases. However a model in VDDT can represent either a different ecological stratum (e.g. BpS), or it can represent a different scenario (e.g. “Current conditions”, “2X current management”).  Path assumes the former.
    The simplest way to control which models end up in Path is to create a separate VDDT mdb with only the models that you would like to bring across to Path (each as a stratum). You can export one or more models from one VDDT mdb to a new VDDT mdb using VDDT’s File | Export menu item. You can then import this subset of VDDT models into Path.
    Alternatively you could import all your models from VDDT into Path, and then use Path’s import/export capabilities to export the full suite of models to Excel. Once in Excel you could delete the models for those strata you did not want and reimport the updated Excel file to create a new Path scenario. You could also use this approach to divide up your models into several Path scenarios.
    Hope this helps – let me know if you need further clarification… Colin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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