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Solution for "Automation Error" in VDDT

Syncrosim Forums ST-Sim & State-and-Transition Simulation Models Solution for "Automation Error" in VDDT

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    Error description:
    A VDDT user recently reported the following error sequence:
    1. Upon starting VDDT an error message pops up with the following text: “The following error occurred: Automation error – The specified module could not be found (-2147024770)”
    2. Following this, the user could still open a project and navigate the transition pathway diagram but trying to do a run, save a project or open a new database would lead to further errors. The same user was also not able to do a run in Path; Path currently relies on VDDT as the simulation engine.

    This error was specific to the users computer and was caused by a corruption of the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) ( on their specific machine. The steps that led to the corruption of the files is unknown but it could be that another program installed by this user incorrectly modified the files associated with MDAC.

    If you experience a similar error it is likely that your version of MDAC has also been corrupted. The way the user resolved the problem was to purchase and download and run the MDAC analysis and repair program from macropool at:
    The cost of the tool is reasonable (approx $6.00 USD)

    If you experience this problem and are unsure of what to do don’t hesitate to contact me for support.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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