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Spatial Inputs not being reinitialized between runs

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    I made some changes to the spatial inputs (the delineation of stratum 1 and thus the states classes within stratum 1). I overwrote the original files with the updated files. Same file name in the same place. When I redid the run the old input values were used thus the changes I had made were not reflected in the results. I am puzzled as to where the old data is coming from as that file does not exist, at least not in the place it was when the initial conditions scenario was created.
    To verify I created a new initial conditions scenario using the new input files. The updated stratum 1 delineations were reflected in the model outputs.

    What is the workflow to do an in place change of inputs? I assumed that the inputs were read fresh each time the model ran. That appears to not be the case. Does a new Initial Conditions scenario need to be created even when the name of the input files doesn’t change?


    Are you updating the initial conditions files in the User Interface, rsyncrosim, or directly on the file system?


    Directly in the file system. I overwrote the old file as part of the GIS processing. My mistaken assumption was that the initial conditions are for each run are read in from the file that was used when creating the initial condition portion of a scenario. I now know that is not the case. I am sure it was explained in the training and I have just forgotten. Thanks for being patient as I work through understanding the interface and how to run the software in a iterative development mode.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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