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Using rsyncrosim with SyncroSim beta version (v2.3.x)

Syncrosim Forums SyncroSim – General Questions and Answers Using rsyncrosim with SyncroSim beta version (v2.3.x)

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    A user recently ran into the following issue:
    Issue: While scripting either an stconnect or stsim model using the rsyncrosim package, rsyncrosim did not recognize the core_Pipeline datasheet. The user was using the beta version of SyncroSim (v2.3.3) with the latest CRAN version of rsyncrosim (v1.2.9).

    Solution: This issue occurred because the latest release of rsyncrosim on CRAN is not compatible with the beta version of SyncroSim. The new update to the beta version of SyncroSim includes the ability to use pipelines, and although the end user is not exposed to pipelines while using stconnect or stsim, these packages are using the pipeline functionality under the hood in the SyncroSim beta version. The newest release of rsyncrosim on GitHub (v1.3.0) is compatible with SyncroSim v2.3.3. The new rsyncrosim version will be released on CRAN soon, but in the meantime you can install the GitHub release using the following R code:

    install.packages("", repo=NULL)

    You may need to restart your R environment to get rid of environmental conflicts after running the code above.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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