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  • Mike GoughMike Gough

    Just to clarify, adding the Externals directory allowed me to run the spatial sample models successfully from the command line on Windows 7. I’m using the Linux command line utilities just because we’re calling ST-Sim from a Django app that will eventually run on a Linux server.

    Mike GoughMike Gough

    Yes. I just downloaded a fresh copy of

    Extracted the contents, went into the directory, and issued the following command:

    SyncroSim.Console.exe –run –lib=C:\Temp\ST-Sim-Spatial-Sample-V2-4-6\ST-Sim-Spatial-Sample-V2-4-6.ssim –sid=210

    Got the error message I was getting before (“The system cannot find the file specified”)

    Copied the Externals directory from C:\Program Files\SyncroSim\1\ to the syncrosim-linux-1-0-24-x64 directory.

    Reran the command above, and it’s currently generating output TIFFs.

    Mike GoughMike Gough

    Thanks Leonardo!

    Ok, so the issue was that the Linux command line utilities package I had downloaded from here didn’t have the Externals/DotSpatial directory in it. With that directory in place, we are up and running.

    Many thanks for the assistance,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)