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SyncroSim v2.4.33 Released

The syncrosim Logo: a large S coloured in deep red with arrows on the ends of the S lettering implying a cycle or cyclical loop

A new beta release of SyncroSim (v2.4.33) is now available. It contains the following enhancements:

  1. Major changes to the conda functionality in the SyncroSim User Interface, including:
    • ability to create conda environments for SyncroSim Packages directly from the Packages window,
    • removal of conda’s ability to modify SyncroSim Library properties, and
    • check if a conda environment needs to be updated following a SyncroSim Package update.
  2. Bug fixes regarding:
    • SyncroSim Package installation when the Add-on Package is installed before the corresponding Base Package,
    • data merge issue after multiprocessing runs,
    • crash when running multiple scenarios in parallel,
    • failure of the auto-generated tags feature, and
    • map/image viewer display issues introduced with the new faceting update (from v2.4.27).