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rsyncrosim v1.4.7 Released

The syncrosim Logo: a large S coloured in deep red with arrows on the ends of the S lettering implying a cycle or cyclical loop

A new release of rsyncrosim (v1.4.7) is now available.

This new release contains the following major updates:

  • The deprecated R packages raster and rgdal were removed as dependencies of rsyncrosim. All raster-related functions were updated to use the terra package instead. This includes the new datasheetSpatRaster() function that works similarly to the deprecated datasheetRaster() function, but returns SpatRasters instead of raster objects. Note that functions that used raster objects will still work, but users will be warned that this functionality will be deprecated completely in a future release.
  • A Folder class was added to allow users to retrieve folder data for a SyncroSim Library or Project and create new folders at the Project root or nested within other folders.
  • A new folderID() function was created to allow users to assign a folder ID to an existing SyncroSim Scenario (which moves the Scenario into the desired folder), or retrieve the folder ID for a Scenario or Folder.

To install the latest rsyncrosim release from GitHub, read the installation instructions here.