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SyncroSim v2.5.1 Released

The syncrosim Logo: a large S coloured in deep red with arrows on the ends of the S lettering implying a cycle or cyclical loop

A new beta release of SyncroSim (2.5.1) is now available.

Since the latest stable release of SyncroSim (v2.4.42), the following major changes have been made:

  1. Removed dependency on .Net Framework for creating charts and maps, as well as improved overall support for creating charts and maps using the SyncroSim command-line interface.
  2. Updated publish feature such that users can select specific Scenarios, Maps, and Charts for publishing to SyncroSim Cloud. Folders are no longer tagged for publication; instead, all Scenarios that have been added to the results are published. As such, Scenarios no longer need to be moved into a unique folder for publishing.
  3. Various minor bug fixes.

Note that opening an existing SyncroSim Library or creating a new one using this latest beta release will make it non-backwards compatible with SyncroSim 2.4.